Car Locksmith in Philadelphia

A latchkey kid every one worries that they will be the one to be kidnapped from their home, however peephole installation can help a child that is home by his or herself be safer as they’ll be able to look and see who is on the other side of the door. Child safety is important to Car Locksmith In Philadelphia and we carry many high-quality peepholes and front door viewers that will help your child be more safe at home until you arrive. Contact our locksmiths for help in choosing the best peephole or viewer for your door to keep your child safe.

Re-Keying Your Locks – Car Locksmith In Philadelphia

When you move into a new place you never know who may have a key to your locks, for your peace of mind you should always have the locks re-keyed, as re-keying renders the previous key useless. Using a professional such as Car Locksmith In Philadelphia to have your locks re-keyed is important as they must be re-keyed correctly otherwise the lock may be damaged and new locks installed. Often it is cheaper to have a lock re-keyed than a new lock installed at a new lock entails new hardware as a re-key doesn’t. Contact us at 215-987-4114 for all your re-keying needs.

Safes and Vaults Opened on the Spot by a Master Safe Cracker!

When you need your Safes and Vaults Opened on the spot who better to open them than a master safe cracker? Car Locksmith Philadelphia has highly trained and equipped safe crackers and technicians on staff to help get your safe or vault open quickly. Regardless of whether you have lost your combination or the door is having a jam, we may be able to open it with little to no damage to it. We use the most up to date techniques and tools for the job today. Contact us when you have a safe or vault that needs opening and we will help promptly.

Security Systems Will Give You Peace of Mind at Home

Regardless of what you hold dear, having security systems in place at home will help give you a peace of mind when away from home. Car Locksmith In Philadelphia can help you implement a system that will meet your needs. There are even apps that can allow you to watch what is going on at home while you are away as well. Kids want you to think they are doing their homework, but you know better, now you will know they are watching TV while you’re at work in the afternoon. Contact us to find a security system to meet your specific needs.

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