Commercial Locksmith

Our team has been helping businesses improve their security and ensuring workplace safety from fire, burglaries, and other security concerns. We are fully equipped to handle your call at any time of the day. This includes holidays and weekends. Our commitment is part of our on going struggle to help make this a safer city for local business. We are achieving this through our quality installation and advanced technology. Only we can supply to property owners and managers great security. There has never been a better time to call and get the security you need to stay safe at the workplace.
Philadelphia Commercial Locksmith

We can install peepholes for you at Locksmith Philadelphia, PA

A peephole installed on your office or home passages is a categorical need when you live in a place where there is a high wrongdoing rate. This peephole will serve to distinguish the individual who comes pounding on your door. Having a peephole in your door has different good circumstances and Lewis Lock & Safe Commercial Locksmith Philadelphia, PA is the ideal spot to place a peephole on your door. Accepting that you have precious wooden doors generated from many years’ old wood, our working team will treat them with the same esteem as you may do.

Installing master key system is a very wise decision, especially if you call our commercial locksmith in Philadelphia to do it

Do you have many different keys to deal with daily? Do you lose them often? Or maybe leave them in your car, house or office? If this is correct, try reconsidering installing master key system in your home. Not only that will save you a lot of time that you would spend on searching a key in your purse, but it can assure you that you will never stay locked out of the house in a case you forgot to take the key.

Lewis Lock & Safe Philadelphia Provide Superior Commercial Locks

Home security has never been more important. If you want to make your home very secure and safe, install radio – dispatched locks. These lock send automatic signal to the nearest police station and are very handy if you cannot reach the phone or you are not at home. Locks will do the entire job by them self. Visit Lewis Lock & Safe Commercial and Residential locksmith in Philadelphia, PA and get informed on many advantages of this kind of locks. Our employees will help you make the decision.

Commercial Locksmith Philadelphia

Approaches to have your safes and vaults opened by utilizing Philadelphia, PA locksmith services

A vault or safe may be a remarkably splendid spot to protect your extremely valuable things that you possess. Despite the fact that as individuals, we are certain to make failures that can result in us forgetting the pass code or misplacing the keys. That is why Lewis Lock & Safe Commercial Locksmith Near Me Philadelphia, PA has a wonderful team who are experts at opening safes and vaults in the case that you have lost the keys or forgot the number combination. Our team is always available to serve you in order to make your home secure.

Lewis Lock & Safe Commercial Locksmith is Committed to Help Customers Achieve Safety and Security

Our customers can include property owners, office managers, restaurant owner, and contractors. We are aware of the specific needs of all types of companies. That is why we carry a wide variety of brands and styles that are trusted by the community. It is important to all of us that you get the locks that you need and are confident using. We are delivering more than locks and installation. We are helping business owners and managers achieve extra peace of mind. You will love how impervious our security installations are and how easy they are to use.
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