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There are many types of door locks and they come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, to meet not only your stylish needs but your security needs as well. We at 24 Hour Locksmith Philadelphia carry all manner of the finest, and most secure door locks you will find in the USA. We can also repair, replace and install those locks at an affordable price at any time. Our master locksmiths are highly trained and are on call 24/7 to complete all services we perform. Call us to find out about all our door locks we carry as well as their affordable prices.

Deter Intruders to Your Home with High Security Locks

There are many ways to deter unwanted intruders to your home and one is installing high security locks. These locks are made to be pick, bump and drill proof and 24 Hour Locksmith Philadelphia carries many of these fine quality locks. We understand the need to secure your home from intruders and there are many different types of high security locks in all shapes and styles to meet your needs. Our locksmiths are able to install them and then need us to we can also repair or replace them as well. Contact us at 215-987-4114, for information high security locks and their prices.

Ensure Your Ignition Switch Keys Are Working Properly

It is always important to ensure that your Ignition Switch Keys are working properly as if they quit working your car will not start. 24 Hour Locksmith Philadelphia can ensure that your ignition switch key works properly and that it is not something else that is causing a problem. Your ignition switch key helps to give you access to all other functions of your vehicle, when it doesn’t work then you are not able to start your vehicle, it is the main access to your cars electrical system basically. Contact us immediately if you have problems with your ignition switch keys not working.

Need an Extra Key, Have a New Employee Try Our Key Duplication

There are many reasons to need to have a key duplicated, preventing a lockout, new employee needs a key, significant other is moving in with you and many other reasons. regardless of the reason we at 24 Hour Locksmith Philadelphia offer our Key Duplication services at a reasonable price. We guarantee that each key that we duplicate will work, the first time every time as it is uncomfortable and can be embarrassing when a duplicated key does not work when tried. Our locksmiths are available 24/7 to duplicate many different types of keys for your home, office and vehicles, just call us anytime.

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About 24 Hour Locksmith Philadelphia

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