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It is frustrating to get locked out of your home, car or office; it is even more frustrating when you have to wait for hours for a locksmith to come and unlock the door and let you back in. Don’t fret any longer Auto Locksmith Philadelphia has lockout services that are available at anytime, and anywhere that you need us to be. We understand that a lockout can occur at midnight on a long country road, and our -locksmiths will happily come and get you back on the road again. Contact our master locksmiths and we will promptly come to your location.

Use Magnetic Locks for a Non-pick-able Way to Secure Things

Magnetic Locks are used for a wide variety of things, from hidden compartments to securing doors that can’t be picked; If you want to conceal and secure something then a magnetic lock is a great way to do so. Automotive Locksmith Philadelphia stocks many fine magnetic locks that someone can use to secure anything that they hold dear. We also can install all types of magnetic locks in all shapes, styles, and sizes as well as many holds of weights. If you need a magnetic lock and do not know which would suit you best contact our locksmiths at 215-987-4114 for help.

Use Mobile Home Locks on Your Manufactured Homes

Manufactured or Mobile homes are pre-built homes built onto a permanent chassis that can be moved, were as site built and modular homes are built to a foundation, however that is not the only thing that is different either. Mobile homes need special locks for them and these Mobile Home locks are made according to certain specifications as the doors are not as thick as site-built homes, Car Locksmith Philadelphia carries many of the finest locks that you can use for your manufactured homes. Contact one of our master locksmiths when you need a sturdy set of locks for your mobile home.

Padlocks Are for Many Lockable Things

If you have something that can be locked, nine times out of ten you can use a padlock to lock it. Padlocks can be used to lock any number of things from chests to lockers and beyond. We at Auto Locksmith Philadelphia know padlocks have been around for many centuries and that they have evolved with technology. We carry many fine padlocks to lock up your valuables from combination, speed lock, directional lock and many more. If you need a specific type of padlock please contact our master locksmiths and they will work with you to find one to fit your needs.

About Auto Locksmith Philadelphia

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