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Have you ever remained short of a pair of keys, whether it is of your apartment, the houses, or your business premises? In order to circumvent such unpleasant situations, better create a copy of your key, and always keep an extra one, if necessary. Locksmith Philly has the latest and best models of machines for making keys, as well as new diagnostic equipment, and machines for encoding the car keys. We can produce all types of keys based on your sample, in the shortest period of time. Keys copied – no matter if they are antique or the modern – using the most precise equipment is faithful to the original!

Locks rekeyed efficiently and at an affordable price

Have you lost your keys and now look to change the entire lock? If you have lost your keys or do not know where to find it, there is no need to change all your valuable cylinders and locks. Locksmith Philly can easily and quickly change the code of your lock or a cylinder so that your old key will no longer be usable. Locks rekeyed instead of buying new ones will save your home budget of any additional costs! If you have recently bought a new home or a business premise, just ask your real estate agent for our references.

The master key system for your ultimate protection

Have a building with many doors and need to protect it? We recommend a master key system with an unlimited number of combinations of locks and keys for your ultimate protection. Locksmith Philly also offers completely legal and technical protection against any unauthorized reproduction. In case of loss of a key from the master series, it is not necessary for you to change the entire system- our skilled technicians will adapt your current system to the new keys. After the modifications you will get a new set of keys, including the new security card, so your old keys will have no function.

New locks installation to set your mind free

Are you a new homeowner that needs to install new locks? New locks installation after purchase of the house is highly recommended and it takes only a small investment that is worth the peace of your mind. You never know if someone else has the same pair of keys that could unlock your locks. Locksmith Philadelphia is here to install your new locks, create a new set of keys to your house or the apartment, and provide a complete range of high-quality locksmith services at affordable prices. For all that you do not understand or want to inform yourself about, feel free to call 215-987-4114 and ask – we are here to help.

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