Locksmith Lansdale PA

People usually don’t have enough knowledge about the locks. At the same time, locksmiths don’t like to give away the information so that they could exploit the customers. However, we are different from other locksmiths. We provide the correct suggestions and valuable information to the customers. Lewis Lock & Safe Lansdale PA dead-bolts are good to use in the internal environment. Do not purchase a dead bolt from any locksmith to install on the front door. Dead bolts are fragile in their built but provide exceptional security in the internal environment.

Bring Our Locksmith in Lansdale PA Gun Locks In Use

Do you wish to keep a gun at home? In this case, you have thumbs up from our side as keeping a gun for the safety of your family and property is a good tactic. However, keeping a gun without using gun lock is not a wise decision. Lewis Lock & Safe in Lansdale PA gun locks are available in different models. You will be able to find the gun lock which suits your usage requirements. We recommend you to bring your gun along when you visit us to purchase one of our gun locks.

Locksmith Lansdale PA Ignition Switch Keys Services Come In Handy

Did you know that ignition switch issues occur due to your carelessness? Yes that’s right, once the car gets old the ignition switch needs service. Over the years, the key insertion and dust particles tend to disturb the ignition switch. It is the basic reason behind key breakage and ignition switch malfunctioning. We can bring your vehicle ignition switch in perfect condition by providing ignition switch service. Other tasks such as ignition switch key copying are also handled when you hire Lewis Lock & Safe Locksmith Lansdale PA ignition switch keys service.

7 Days A Week We Handle Locksmiths Keys Copied Tasks

From last two years, we have been providing the evening hours service. However, the evening hours service is only available for specific situations. People have requested us consistently to provide copied keys service in the evening hours. We could not do it but we have certainly shown the concern of answering your requests in a positive manner by working 7 days a week. That’s right, now we are open 365 days a year in order to provide Locksmith keys copied service. Our phone line 215-486-2434 is open all the time for you.

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