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We Can Help With Broken Key Extraction

Nothing lasts forever, and that includes the keys that you put into your locks on a regular basis. As time goes on, they will start to wear down and, in the worst cases, your key may end up breaking inside of the lock. If that has happened to you, we can help you with broken key extraction services. At Reliable Locksmiths in Philadelphia PA, we have the tools and the training that we need in order to get those keys out with little to no damage to your lock, and we can make you new keys too!

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Replace and Get into Vehicle Locks with No Stress

At Best Locksmith in Philadelphia PA, we pride ourselves in the training that we use and give to our professionals in order to get into every car that we come across. The technologies available make it easier than ever to get into vehicles, even if there happens to be something wrong with your vehicle locks that makes it hard for you to get in there. Need help with your vehicle locks or want to know more about the locksmithing services that our company offers?

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Keys Copied Service Can Be Availed Any Time

In normal circumstances, you might have to bring the keys to locksmith’s shop for getting it copied. With our services, you get to solve every issue while staying at the house. We bring all the equipment in radio dispatched vans. Lewis Lock & Safe Philadelphia has been leading the path of innovation in this industry. We don’t expect you to trust us immediately. We only demand a single chance. It could be you hiring the keys copied service.

Door Locks

Simple but effective digital door locks

Gone are those days when you used mechanical locks for securing your place. Today, thanks to advancements in technology, there are options available to you in the form of digital door locks. What make these locks special are high quality materials and proven technologies. Get in touch with Lewis Lock & Safe today and order for these locks. We have been providing these locks for different applications and can even have them custom developed for you! Our locks are not just durable and flexible, but they are also cheap.

House Re-Keying

Re-Keying Could Save Your Monthly Budget

When you have lost your house keys, the only option which might come in your mind would be to install new locks before someone tries to break into your house. The locksmith industry has come up with a better solution. Lewis Lock & Safe Locksmith Philadelphia PA can help you save plenty of money. We are providing re-keying service for affordable charges. What happens with the rekeying service? The old keys become waste material which is of no use.

Some Customer Quotes and Stories

"The only thing I have learned from my years of drinking was to have a trusty locksmith on hand. And man do I trust these guys. Emergency situation they are the number one go to guys for replacing lost keys. Everyone likes to party but we also have to keep up with the regular part of life. These are the guys to call in a crunch situation when you have a schedule to keep and a life to get back to."


-Old Ned

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